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Start good, a good continuation!
“大发” which was founded in 2003 with an insistence, has built a vibrant, integrity, dedication of the team.
Pursuing people-oriented, professional intentions, customer first, mutually beneficial win-win service concept.
After 10 years, the people of 大发 constantly feel the "no pain, no gain. No pains, no gains".
大发 was standing on solid ground, working steadily forward once.
大发 has been received numerous well-known enterprises such as domestic and even world's support and trust now.
大发 will thank to the community, the mission, the directional you with better quality, more professional, more perfect service in the future !
We can let you the ideal plant into a reality!
We can let your factory to achieve more efficient operation!

创建于二零零三年的 大发,带着一种执着,组建一支朝气蓬勃、诚信敬业之队伍。
经过十年历程,大发 不断感悟着“一分耕耘一分收获”。
昨天的 大发 脚踏实地,一步一个脚印向前迈进;
今天的 大发 已得到国内乃至世界等众多知名企业的支持与信赖;
明天的 大发 感恩社会,肩负使命,定向您提供更优质、更专业、更完善的服务!
Culture | 企业文化

Enterprise implication: good start, good continuation!
Enterprise purpose: people-oriented, professional intentions, customer first, mutual benefit
Business philosophy: integrity hardworking professional fraternity
Business goals: to rely on professional technology, scientific management, a high degree of teamwork, good business environment, their wisdom and innovation of all staff to provide customers with quality products and professional services, industrial automation and control technology for the development and progress contribute.

企业理念:诚信 勤奋 专业 博爱

Honor | 企业荣誉

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